2nd QIDC 2015 Gold Coast – Colour Open Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) - The Mineworkers by Jon Sellers EFIAP DPAGB BPE5FIAP Gold  - Fredau by Raymond BrammallUPI Silver - Toscana Attimi Di Luce 01 by Giuseppe BerniniPSA Bronze - Eagle Fight by Man-Kui, WiselyAPS Bronze Plaque - Autumn-B25 by Aleksander Cufar EFIAPp MPSAQIDC Salon Silver - Zu Sunlia by Yijun XiaQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Korumburra Tree by Peter Elgar AAPSFIAP HM - Austria Musher by Livinus Bleyen EFIAPp MPSAFIAP HM - Under the Universe by Wenfeng ZengUPI HM - Neck and Neck by Andy Gutteridge EFIAPb BPE4APS Merit - Illustration by Charles Akerstrom LRPS BPE2APS Merit - Prayer by Isa Ebrahim EFIAPg EPSAPSQ HM - Arbres Tortures by Eddy De Wilde EFIAPbPSQ HM - Beauty of Decay by Birgit Pustelnik AFIAP PPSAPSQ HM - Dreamer by Steve MarriottPSQ HM - Happy Family by Joseph Tam MPSA EFIAPS GMAPS FPSEA.PSQ HM - Homeward Bound by Martin Fry FRPS AFIAP BPE3 APAGBPSQ HM - Into the Light by Doug Moulin APSNZ EFIAPPSQ HM - Sous La Neige by Stephan SalberterPSQ HM - The Night Stalker by Adrian DonoghueQIDC HM - A Monumental Job by Marg Huxtable FAPSQIDC HM - Big Steak by Mamdooh Alsaleh AFIAP UPICR4QIDC HM - Dashing Bull by Joseph Tam MPSA EFIAPS GMAPS FPSEAQIDC HM - Dust Dirt Drought by Sandra Boles AFIAP AAPSQIDC HM - Grumpy Landlord by Angie Tucker DPAGB CPAGB BPE3QIDC HM - Indian Portrait by Kurt Treumann AFIAPQIDC HM - Love of Tulips by Julie Begg AAPSQIDC HM - Old Whaling Site by Max LaneQIDC HM - Plovers About to Mate by Sandy McMillanQIDC HM - Sunbeam II by Marek Biegalski AFIAPQIDC HM - The Old Cobbler by Dave Tucker DPAGB CPAGB BPE3QIDC HM - To Infinity and Beyond by Roger Hinton LRPS AFIAPQIDC HM - Toscane by Jacqueline Meertens EFIAPQIDC HM - Waiting for Winter by Birgit Pustelnik AFIAP PPSA