2nd QIDC 2015 Maryborough – Nature Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) - Concluding Love by Mohammed YousefPSA Nature Wildlife Medal for Best Wildlife (W) - Cheetahs Looking for Prey by Ian Whiston DPAGB AFIAP BPE4FIAP - Silver Koninginnepage by Rene Van Echelpoel PPSAUPI Bronze - Bugling Elk by Manas Khan AFIAPAPS Bronze Plaque - Majuscula Et Calopteryx by Marc Anagnostidis APSA GMPSAb EFIAPQIDC Salon Silver - Airy Dance by Radimir Siklienka EFIAPQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Pu'u O'o Lava Flow 003 by Leif Alveen EFIAP PPSAFIAP HM - Walrus No23 by Craig Parker AFIAP PPSA MAPSUPI HM - Grey Heron Fishing by Lajos Nagy EFIAPp MPSA MAAFRUPI HM - Masai Mara by Klaus-Peter Selzer EFIAP EMDVFsAPS Merit - Bee Eaters with Grashoppers by Lajos Nagy EFIAPp MPSA MAAFRPSQ HM - Baby and Mom by Elva KP JungAPS Merit  Rainforest Waterfall by Glenn GilliganPSQ HM - Endangered Honeyeater by Kim WormaldPSQ HM - Protection by Mohammed YousefPSQ HM - Redtail Damselfly by Jacqueline Hammer EFIAPs GMAPSPSQ HM - The Hug b by Willem KrugerQIDC HM - Eye's Contact by Hamad BouresliQIDC HM - Lions Mating 5 by Willem KrugerQIDC HM - New Kingfisher Couple by Stephan SalberterQIDC HM - Red Fox 6 by Gunther Riehle gmpsaQIDC HM - Red Sqirrel with Nut by Bill Terrance EFIAPb DPAGBQIDC HM - Squirrel Eating from Birch by Henrik Kristensen AFIAPQIDC HM - Tender Loving Care by Francis King