3rd QIDC 2016 Maryborough – Colour Wow Theme Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) Rabenschiss by Josef Palfrader MFIAP EFIAPpFIAP Gold Finger Puppets by Petri Damsten PPSA EFIAPGPU Silver Sundancer ii by Peter Stephen LombardAPS Silver Plaque Human Statue by Ceri GoodrumAPS Bronze Plaque Tub Splash by Beate KulpaQIDC Salon Silver Metal World by Wendy AllardQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) Flower Twirl by Janice Amato AFIAP AAPSFIAP HM Boarding Now by Barry Mead EFIAPp FRPS MPAGBFIAP HM Expanding Universe by Ray Shorter LAPSGPU HM That-Is-Strong-Coffee by Janice Amato AFIAP AAPSAPS Merit The End of the World 3 by Zihai BianAPS Merit The Flamingo by Nan Carder APSA MPSAPSQ HM Dragon by Valent LauQIDC HM Sahara by Adrian Donoghue