3rd QIDC 2016 Maryborough – Monochrome Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) Alim by Josef Palfrader MFIAP EFIAPpFIAP Gold Enlarging by Jacqueline Hammer EFIAPg GMAPS GPUCr2PSA Silver The Sheepdog by Alan Young FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE3GPU Bronze and Then There Was Light by Huib LimbergAPS Bronze Plaque Mohamed by Josef Palfrader MFIAP EFIAPpQIDC Salon Silver Race by Jozef De Fraine EFIAPQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) Big Eyes BW by David Poey Cher Tay MFIAP EPSAFIAP HM Lips by Terry Railley EFIAPb LRPS CPAGBFIAP HM Rugby Union 2 by Graeme Watson GMAPS EFIAPs EPSAGPU HM Portrait17a by George BaladakisGPU HM Topper Style by Barbara Jenkin EFIAPb GMPSA ARPSAPS Merit Fag Ash Lil by Jacqui Jay Grafton EFIAP ARPS DPAB BPE4APS Merit Happiness 04 by Thach Nguyen NgocPSQ HM Arabian Fox by Hamad BouresliPSQ HM Body in Dream by Hanju ZhuPSQ HM Conducting the Choir by Ian Ledgard EFIAPs MPSAPSQ HM Ice Queen by Barbara Jenkin EFIAPb GMPSA ARPSPSQ HM On the Light Side by Jacqueline Hammer EFIAPg GMAPS GPUCr2PSQ HM Ostrich at Large by Dianne English AFIAPPSQ HM Walrus No11 BW by Craig ParkerQIDC HM Another Fish Out of Water by Arthur RoyQIDC HM Decanter and Glass by Ray Shorter LAPSQIDC HM Jada by Kamal Mostofi ASWPP ANPSQIDC HM Prosit by Claudia Dietl AFIAPQIDC HM Silent Lamb by Jinsong Yan