3rd QIDC 2016 Mount Gravatt – Nature Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) Creobroter Gemmatus by Alfred Preuss EFIAPbFIAP Gold Dueling by Livinus Bleyen EFIAPp MPSAPSA Nature Division Silver Medal for best Wildlife (W) Claiming the Kill by Ray Shorter LAPSUPI Bronze Kingfisher Catching by Chau Kei Checky LamAPS Bronze Plaque Competitor by Peter Olfert EFIAP BEPSS PPSAQIDC Salon Silver Short-Eared Owl Hunting by David WolfendenQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) Turquoise Parrots by Glenn Gilligan LAPSFIAP HM Mating Pink Flamingos 2015 by Roger JourdainGPU HM Bald Eagle on the Shore 2 by David Rowlands AAPSAPS Merit Hawfinches Fighting 8677 by Paul Keene EFIAPp MFIAPAPS Merit Hexarthrius Buqueti by Alfred Preuss EFIAPbPSQ HM Nibbling by Terry Railley EFIAPb LRPS CPAGBPSQ HM Yellowbilled Stork Altercation by Lesley Clark LAPSPSQ HM Young Cheetahs Waiting for Food by Wolfgang Kaeding EFIAP GMPSAQIDC HM Budwing Mantis by Alfred Preuss EFIAPbQIDC HM Coming Up for Air by John Doody AAPSQIDC HM Juvenile Attacking Mum by Lorraine Jones GMAPS EFIAPsQIDC HM Lion Love by Bob Devine MPSA EFIAPsQIDC HM Queen of the Blackwater by Bill Power