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Siuse Morning by Keith Seidel AFIAP FAPS - Townsville Salon 2015My Icebergs by Min Tan ARPS PPSA - Townsville Salon 2015Herding Sheep-Bw by Li Wang PPSA - Townsville Salon 2015Chamaeleon by Klaus-Peter Selzer EFIAP EMDVFs - Townsville Salon 2015Art of Wine Glass-2 by Mukesh Srivastava AFIAP - Mount Gravatt Salon 2015Icy Ocean by Linda Oliver EPSA EFIAP - Mount Gravatt Salon 2015Two Dancers Leaping by David Laronde AFIAP APSA EPSA ARPS - - Mount Gravatt Salon 2015Walrus No23 by Craig Parker AFIAP PPSA MAPS - Mount Gravatt Salon 2015Zu Sunlia by Yijun Xia - Maryborough Salon 2015Moon Rise over Antarctica 1 by Francis King - Maryborough Salon 2015Swans 7822 by Seppo Rintala EFIAPb SKsLM - Maryborough Salon 2015Concluding Love by Mohammed Yousef - Maryborough Salon 2015The Mineworkers by Jon Sellers EFIAP DPAGB BPE5 - Gold Coast Salon 2015Ice Wave by Min Tan ARPS PPSA - Gold Coast Salon 2015On the Gordon River by Michelle Stokie AFIAP AAPS - Gold Coast Salon 2015The Hug b by Willem Kruger - Gold Coast Salon 2015