1st QIDC 2014 Gold Coast – Nature Awards

Great Gray Owl Landing by Tin Sang ChanWet Paws - Svalbard by Pamela Lane ARPS DPAGB AFIAPKeel Billed Toucan 7 by David Cantrille MFIAP FRPS EPSARed Deer in the Fog by Rene Van Echelpoel PPSAFly Agaric by Martin Fry FRPS APAGBRobber Fly 21 by Andy Lim Sin KunEgret with Delicate Branch by Viki GaulTwo Resting Dragonflies by Dre Van Mensel EFIAP/p MFIAP GMPSASnowy Egret Strutting by Ralph Snook ARPS EFIAP DPAGBWater Beauties by Ming Lai Chung ARPSIce of Greenland (4) by Sergey AnisimovCuriosity by Marjan Cigoj EFIAP/bFrog-1 by Aleksander Cufar EFIAP/p EPSAGannet with Seaweed Nesting by Pamela Lane ARPS DPAGB AFIAPZeewierslierten by Jhony Vandebroeck EFIAP EPSAButterfly on Pinecone by J.R. Schnelzer APSAFlamingo by Alfred Preuss EFIAPFox by Alberto Salvaterra AFIAPGhecko for Feeding by Andre SerfonteinGreen Crowned Brilliant Hummingbird 2 by Cheryl MaresGreen Heron by Shu CheukKite Plucking Prey 2 by Jenni Horsnell EFIAP MPSAMating Lions 13 by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAP PPSA BPE5*Splendid Fairy-Wren by Erica Siegel AFIAP AAPSWild Dog Puppy Kill 1 by Willem Kruger ARPS AFIAP APPSA