1st QIDC 2014 Maryborough – Monochrome Open Awards

Egrets Fighting by Phillip Kwan EFIAP EPSAPrelet-Xbw by Aleksander Cufar EFIAP/p EPSARacers by Levente Imre EFIAPOffering2 by Arthur RoyKharunisia by Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2Shark Patterns by Janine WatersShepherd Nr 7 by Kostas Chalkiadakis EFIAP EPSA UPIZeusCR3Crossing the Mira by K C TamReaching for the Sky by Petri DamsténMirror-1-Bw by Aleksander Cufar EFIAP/p EPSAFort Lytton by Ray ShorterThe Look by Paul TilleyAcross the Bridge 2 by Hong Wai Victor Cheng ARPSInnocent by Elek Papp MFIAPOld Friend by Lung-Tsai WangThe Sunlight That Will Be Lost by H.W. Chan EPSA FRPS EFIAP/bWildebeest Chaos by Phillip Kwan EFIAP EPSAWindblown Sunflower by Julie BeggAdrenaline Race by The Eng Loe DjatinegoroBaled Up2 by Arthur RoyCast Net in the Morning by Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2Church at Hellina Iceland by Lorraine Jones EFIAP FAPS APSNZGrazing by Jinghui ChenHaunted Forrest by Manfred VossI Am by Kassapa Jayasinghe AFIAPK.o 2 by Hong Wai Victor Cheng ARPSOn the Way Home by T-P Huynh AFIAP FAPS AWIEPSifnos (After HCB) by Richard Tickner ARPS AFIAP BPE3*The Eyes No2 by Thach Nguyen NgocThree Against Three by Shiu Gun Wong HonFRPS FPSA EPSA EFIAP