1st QIDC 2014 Mount Gravatt – Colour Open Awards

Little Lass by David Poey Cher Tay FRPS MFIAPPeaceful Evening by Thach Nguyen NgocMen by Petri DamsténColor of Hope by Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2Angry Little Man by Jan-Thomas Stake MFIAP EFIAP/p EPSA	Li River Fisherman Lighting by Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2Carnival Clown by Chris Ellison ARPSEyes Only 2a by Human Meyer AFIAP FPSSAIm Duett by Josef Palfrader EFIAP/pBarn  Wheat and Clouds by J.R. Schnelzer APSAMystery at Manor House by Matthew JonesRed and Black Fruits by Manolis Papadakis EFIAP/sConcern by Jenny Davidson EFIAP FAPSDevil Upon the Sea by Barbie Lindsay EFIAP/s MPAGB FBPEEmerald Reflections by Kristin RepsherErdfee by Wolfgang Kaeding EFIAPEvacuee Brothers by Jon Sellers BPE3* CPAGBFree Wheels 2011 No0 by Roger JourdainHighland Cattle by Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*Lone Tree Glen Dubhlochan by Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*Mystery Case by Matthew JonesDesolate Racing by Chau Kei Checky LamEgret Fight by Chi Hung CheungEmbrace of Trees by Elek Papp MFIAPEverlasting by Anna Pha AFIAPFishing During Sunrise by Hong Wai Victor Cheng ARPSFumando Espero by Manuel López Puerma EFIAP/b EH-ISF MCEFGlendhue Bay by Frank Dalgity AAPSGoing Home by Min Tan PPSAHomeless by Lung-Tsai WangInto the Dawn by Joseph Tam EFIAP PPSA FAPS AWIEPLa Costumbre De Oscar by Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSALast Light by Lorraine Jones EFIAP FAPS APSNZOld Man1 by Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2Rushing Cow by Chau Kei Checky Lam