1st QIDC 2014 Townsville – Colour Open Awards

Rhapsody in Red by Brennan FinighanThe Patriot by Adrian DonoghueFantasy-M77 by Aleksander Cufar EFIAP/p EPSAFighting Horses by Joseph Tam EFIAP PPSA FAPS AWIEPWaiting for the Last Train by Gareth JenkinsMen by Petri DamsténVegetables and Butterflies by Polina Plotnikova ARPSBurnt Toast by Ian English AFIAPIndustrial Art by Peter Leyendecker AFIAPSkyview by Mieke Boynton EFIAPKharunisia by Kai Lon Tang AFIAPRoll of the Dice by Peter Hammer FAPSBored by Gary WallisEarly Catch by David Poey Cher Tay FRPS MFIAPEvacuee Brothers by Jon Sellers BPE3* CPAGBPolar Bear No6 by Craig Parker AFIAP AAPSTurmoil by John Thompson ARPS CPAGBWinner by Hui Ling Fan EFIAP FRPSAngry Little Man by Jan-Thomas Stake MFIAP EFIAP/p EPSACan I Hold Onto Him by Carol RobinsonEgret Fight by Chi Hung CheungExotic Dancing by Brennan FinighanFishing During Sunrise by Hong Wai Victor Cheng ARPSMerlin Plucking Dunnock by Marie-Laure Stone EFIAP BPE4* DPAGBOh My Head by Zee Kek Heng AFIAP EPSAPhysalis by Diane MurphySnow Fighting by Lung-Tsai WangThe Mason by Jon Sellers BPE3* CPAGBThe Milky Way by Matthew PostWater Polo Game by Chau Kei Checky Lam