1st QIDC 2014 Townsville – Monochrome Open Awards

Stretch the Net by Malcolm Jenkin CPAGB EFIAP EPSAArizona by Gerhard Boehm EFIAP MPSA EKDVFRide by Xing Fang SuStrength by Francis Kennedy AFIAPOf Matchstick Men and You by Adrian DonoghueAll My Thoughts Goe Up in Smoke by Brennan FinighanStudying by Xing Fang SuAquilegia by Polina Plotnikova ARPSBreakfast by Una BrownI Think I Can	Mieke Boynton EFIAPCast Net in the Morning by Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2Together by Polina Plotnikova ARPSA Unique Style by Keith Elgin CPAGB LIPF PSA2* BPE1*Ashlynn Blue Guitar Resting by Larry Cowles EFIAP FPSA GMPSAFrueh Uebt Sich by Josef Palfrader EFIAP/pOffering2 by Arthur RoyPolar Greeting by Phillip Kwan EFIAP EPSAPottery Master by Cam Suleyman AFIAPTwo Sisters by Huu Hung Truong EFIAPDouble Casting by Chi Hung CheungFlight Pecking by Kam Tec KongFocus by Mohammed YousefHappy with TT by Alois Bernkopf DR. EFIAP UPICR2 PSA3*PJ EVOEAVJola by Josef Palfrader EFIAP/pMan with Cigar by Mukesh SeivastavaNoble Lady by Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2Old Shooters Hut by Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE4*Prelet-Xbw by Aleksander Cufar EFIAP/p EPSARed Boat by Chi Hung CheungTrapped by Marjan Cigoj EFIAP/bVictor by Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSAWet Jumper by Bob Given DPAGB BPE2*Wet Race by David Scott AFIAP DPAGB