1st QIDC 2014 Townsville – Nature Awards

Walrus No1 by Craig Parker AFIAP AAPSWet Paws - Svalbard by Pamela Lane ARPS DPAGB AFIAPOsprey Fishing in the Mist by Jo McIntyre DPAGBLove XXL by Aleksander Cufar EFIAP/p EPSAMycena SP 14 by Elizabeth Passuello FPSNZ FNPSNZ AAPS EFIAPBig Bully Small by Chi-Lai HuangIce of Greenland (1) by Sergey AnisimovGreat Gray Owl Landing by Tin Sang ChanRobber Fly 28 by Andy Lim Sin KunJuvenile  Keas Preening by Ron McKie ARPS FPSNZGull Dropping Fish by Willem Kruger ARPS AFIAP APPSAThe Landing by Margaret O'Grady EFIAP FAPSBeautiful Lizard by Victoria ReidLive Heart by Marjan Artnak EFIAP/sSurprised Leave-Monkey by Klaus-Dieter Schleim MPSAVos Met Scherpe Blik by Jhony Vandebroeck EFIAP EPSABalanced Breakfast by Jan SharplesBreakfast Time by Giovanni MorinaFemale Sparrowhawk Preening by Jo McIntyre DPAGBFighting Pheasants by Dre Van Mensel EFIAP/p MFIAP GMPSAFood Searching by David Poey Cher Tay FRPS MFIAPKite Plucking Prey 2 by Jenni Horsnell EFIAP MPSA