1st QIDC 2014 Gold Coast – Phototravel Awards

Partners by Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP FPSHK FCPA FHKCCWindmills of Mykonos by Peter Hammer FAPSVillnoess by Josef Palfrader EFIAP/pPlaque Cannot Help It by Hui Ling Fan EFIAP FRPSRoad to Heaven by Levente Imre EFIAPPink Green and Gold by Kristin RepsherCome Across by Shaoyang LinAn Old Street in China by Francis KingLi River at Dusk by Kam Tec KongLooking for a Sale by Trish McAuslan APSNZColor-Fishing Nets by David Poey Cher Tay FRPS MFIAPJamnik 512 by P. Branko Petauer EFIAP/b PSAND4Gardian of Goats by Jean Claude Bacle MFIAP EFIAP/p GMPSAMorning Glory by David Poey Cher Tay FRPS MFIAPAbu Dubai Mosque by Richard ClaaseChapel by Francis KingChinese Cook by Chor Yin George Chan AFIAP PPSA FRPS AAPSGuilin Story 6 by Chi Hung CheungIk Heb Dorst by Robert DeglinJinetes Al Trote by Jose Luis Urbaitel EFIAP/b MPSA EFAFNight Market by Bernd Stoffl AFIAP AAPSNorthern Light Reflection by Phillip Kwan EFIAP EPSANusfiord Lofoten Island by Alan Shepherd ARPS AFIAP AWPFRailroads by Yuri Vorontsov AFIAPReflection by BILLION LIMRoadside Repairs by Jenny Davidson EFIAP FAPSTaking a Break by Louisa Hancock AFIAP AAPS