2nd QIDC 2015 Gold Coast – Nature Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) - The Hug b by Willem KrugerPSA Nature Wildlife Medal for Best Wildlife (W) - Swallowtail on Wild Carrot by Birgit Pustelnik AFIAP PPSAFIAP Silver - Two Stools by Eddie KellyUPI Bronze - Great Black-Backed Gull Chicks by Karin WilsonAPS Bronze Plaque - Lioness and Cubs 4 by Willem KrugerQIDC Salon Silver - Little Owl by Livinus Bleyen EFIAPp MPSAQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Forest Family by Eddie KellyFIAP HM - Family by Agnes ApfelUPI HM - Cheetah with Cubs at Dawn by Arun MohanrajUPI HM - Hoverflies Mating by Charles Akerstrom LRPS BPE2APS Merit - Twins by Birgit Pustelnik AFIAP PPSAAPS Merit - Yellow Robin by Kim WormaldPSQ HM - Fish Killer by Linfeng ChenPSQ HM - Majuscula Et Calopteryx by Marc Anagnostidis APSA GMPSAb EFIAPPSQ HM - Peacock Tree Frog Trio by Jon Sellers EFIAP DPAGB BPE5PSQ HM - Sleepy Beauty by Ahmed Al-AliPSQ HM - The Elegant Predator by Hamad BouresliPSQ HM - Wildebeests Migration Masai Mara by Arun MohanrajQIDC HM - A Good Catch by Eion Johnston ARPS EFIAP CPAGBQIDC HM - Alaskan Bison by Astrid ClaaseQIDC HM - Grey Heron Fishing by Lajos Nagy EFIAPp MPSA MAAFRQIDC HM - New Zealand Sea Lion No2 - Phocarctos Hookeri by Doug Moulin APSNZ EFIAPQIDC HM - Redtail Damselfly by Jacqueline Hammer EFIAPs GMAPSQIDC HM - Squirrel in a Jump by Henrik R. Kristensen AFIAPQIDC HM - This is My Catch by Andre SerfonteinQIDC HM - Warthog Escaping by Ian Whiston DPAGB AFIAP BPE4