2nd QIDC 2015 Maryborough – Monochrome Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) -  Swans 7822 by Seppo Rintala EFIAPb SKsLMUPI Gold -  The Game Player by Mukesh Srivastava AFIAPPSA Silver - Expression by Wolfgang Schweden EFIAP EPSAAPS Silver Plaque - Future Kid by Mohammed AlqahtaniAPS Bronze Plaque - Attitude by Kerry Boytell EFIAPQIDC Salon Silver - Rhythm Dunes by Ahmad Alsubhi AFIAPQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Training by Manu Reghurajan LRPS AFIAPFIAP HM - Down Hill by Kheng Yong TeohFIAP HM - Happy Dog 113 by Livinus Bleyen EFIAPp MPSAUPI HM - Ennsberg 66 by Wolfgang Habringer AFIAPAPS Merit - Calm by Jokha AlharthiAPS Merit - I'm Lonely by Nasser Alrabeai AFIAP EPSA UPICR4 UPIAphroditePSQ HM - Bright Eyes by Jie ZhaoPSQ HM - Courting by Tomaz Lanisek EFIAPbPSQ HM - Cowboys by Man-Kui, Wisely NGPSQ HM - Mother's Arms by Fuyang ZhouPSQ HM - Sisters by Goran Zebuhr EFIAPb ESFIAPPSQ HM - Tree with Church by Phillipa Frederiksen EFIAP FAPSPSQ HM - Village Athletics by Xiaohong ChiQIDC HM - A Place for Ellen by Bill Power FIPF AFIAPQIDC HM - Bridging Natural Bridge by Kristin Repsher AAPSQIDC HM - Charcoal Forrest by Doug Moulin APSNZ EFIAPQIDC HM - Eagle Caught a Fish 2 BW by Koon Nam Cheung PPSA EFIAP ARPSQIDC HM - Jamie No. 1 by Gunter Scholtz AFIAPQIDC HM - Little Lumberjack by Muneer Al NajjarQIDC HM - Looking for Salvation by Neville Thomas EFIAPb CPAGB AWPFQIDC HM - Menonita 347 by Gustavo Herman SchneiderQIDC HM - Morning Sailing by Don Yung-Shung ChenQIDC HM - Piccoli Spazzacamini by Dino Odoardo Gibertoni AFIAP AFIQIDC HM - Show Off bw by Hussain NalwalaQIDC HM - Running with the Wind by Lajos Nagy EFIAPp MPSA MAAFRQIDC HM - The Warrior by Sue NivenQIDC HM - Top Meeting by Ole Suszkiewicz