2nd QIDC 2015 Townsville – Colour Open Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) - Siuse Morning by Keith Seidel AFIAP FAPSFIAP Gold - Sadhu Smile by Mamdooh Alsaleh AFIAP UPICR4UPI Silver - Red Squirrel Feeding by Bob Devine ARPS EFIAPb EPSA DPAGBPSA Bronze - Spring Rose by Mary WilsonAPS Bronze Plaque - Red Shawl by Ross McKelvey MPAGB EFIAPb ABPEQIDC Salon Silver - Korumburra Tree by Peter Elgar AAPSQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Zu Sunlia by Yijun XiaFIAP HM - Chess Mates by Charles Akerstrom LRPS BPE2FIAP HM - Demselfly by Mishal Alryhan LRPS HonFRPS MPAGB AFIAPUPI HM - Little Hermit on Heliconia by Kerry Boytell EFIAPAPS Merit - The Glow of an Arctic Dawn at Noon by Kristin Repsher AAPSAPS Merit - Wanna Be Zombies for One Night by Henri Eftevand AFIAPPSQ HM - Child Barabay by MAJID ALAMRI EFIAP UPICROWN4PSQ HM - Emerging Blooms by Diane MurphyPSQ HM - Horse in Air by Kam Chiu TamPSQ HM - Missing Some by Laki Anagnostis AFIAP AAPSPSQ HM - Sparkling Laughter by Marcin CiesielskiPSQ HM - Sunset Racing by Man-Kui, Wisely NGQIDC HM - Austria Musher by Livinus Bleyen EFIAPp MPSAQIDC HM - Battling for the Lead by Malcolm Rapier ARPS AFIAP BPE3QIDC HM - Childhood by Linda WeiQIDC HM - Crofter by Dave Tucker DPAGB CPAGB BPE3QIDC HM - Gemini by Agnes ApfelQIDC HM - Old Indian Women 2 by Haitham Al FarsiQIDC HM - Still Hanging on by Kym Douglas FAPS UPICR2QIDC HM - Wanaka Tree by Bernd Stoffl EFIAPQIDC HM - White Balance by Istvan Magdo