2nd QIDC 2015 Townsville – Colour Water Theme Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) - My Icebergs by Min Tan ARPS PPSAUPI Gold - Morning Glory Pool by Margaret Zommers AFIAP MAPS PPSAFIAP Bronze - Warning Light by Martin Fry FRPS AFIAP BPE3 APAGBAPS Silver Plaque - Broken Wheel by Ian Montague ARPS AFIAP BPE1 CPAGBAPS Bronze Plaque - Diamond on Beach by Choo Ping MakQIDC Salon Silver - Icy Ocean by Linda Oliver EPSA EFIAPQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Jiuzhaigou Waterfall by Linda Oliver EPSA EFIAPFIAP HM - Ice Cavern by Max LaneUPI HM - Face of the Storm by Martin Fry FRPS AFIAP BPE3 APAGBUPI HM - Intimidating Wave by Bernd Stoffl EFIAPAPS Merit - Enjoy by Jinghui ChenAPS Merit - Meander 5 by Tomaz Lanisek EFIAPbPSQ HM - Crystal Ball World by Petri Damsten AFIAPPSQ HM - Global Warming by Leif Alveen EFIAP PPSAPSQ HM - Icicles by Erik Jensen AFIAPPSQ HM - In the Tube by Sue NivenPSQ HM - The Fire Fighter by Subrata Bysack AFIAP FFIPQIDC HM - Berries in Ice by Frankie ChanQIDC HM - Bufadero by Carlos Solinis CamalichQIDC HM - Ducker by Don Yung-Shung ChenQIDC HM - Explosive Force by Martin Fry FRPS AFIAP BPE3 APAGBCW12 - QIDC HM Keyser Franz Joseph by Kerry Boytell EFIAP-c14.jpgCW12 - QIDC HM Open Heart by Ian Montague ARPS AFIAP BPE1 CPAGB-c33.jpgQIDC HM - Raindrops by Trish McAuslan AFIAP APSNZ AAPSQIDC HM - Time Suspended by John Doody