2nd QIDC 2015 Townsville – Monochrome Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) - Herding Sheep-Bw by Li Wang PPSAUPI Gold - Grandma by John Hantoro PudjokoPSA Silver In Need by Mohammed AlqahtaniAPS Silver Plaque - Joviality by Elek Papp MFIAPAPS Bronze Plaque - In Rush by Choo Ping MakQIDC Salon Silver - My World by Ahmad Alsubhi AFIAPQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Mr. Laughter by Tevfik Ileri EFIAPb MasterICSFIAP HM - Chatting with Friends by David BassettFIAP HM - Reflejos by Marco Garabello MPSA EFIAPUPI HM - Sketch by Istvan MagdoAPS Merit - The Barefoot Farmer by John DoodyAPS Merit - The Smile by Habib Alzadjali AFIAPPSQ HM - Chainmail Necklace by Ross McKelvey MPAGB EFIAPb ABPEPSQ HM - Enquiry by Ian Ledgard EFIAPs MPSA LRPS AWPFPSQ HM - Gorgeous Lady by Kai Lon Tang EFIAPb PPSAPSQ HM - Piccoli Spazzacamini by Dino Odoardo Gibertoni AFIAP AFIPSQ HM - The Game Player by Mukesh Srivastava AFIAPQIDC HM - Cowboys by Man-Kui, Wisely NGQIDC HM - Down You Go by Joseph Tam MPSA EFIAPS GMAPS FPSEAQIDC HM - Mother's Arms by Fuyang ZhouQIDC HM - Portrait Noir by Keith Seidel AFIAP FAPSQIDC HM - Preparing Hot Tea by Choo Ping MakQIDC HM - The End of the Road by Elek Papp MFIAPQIDC HM - The Face of Defeat by Jon Sellers EFIAP DPAGB BPE5QIDC HM - The Road by Fuyang Zhou