2nd QIDC 2015 Townsville – Nature Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) - Chamaeleon by Klaus-Peter Selzer EFIAP EMDVFsPSA Nature Wildlife Medal for Best Wildlife (W) - Hunting Cheetahs by Eng Siong Yeo ARPSFIAP - Silver Fish Killer by Linfeng ChenUPI Bronze - Turbo by Mehmet Cakir AFIAPAPS Bronze Plaque - Longtailed Hermit Hummingbird by Cheryl Mares FAPSQIDC Salon Silver - Peacock Tree Frog Trio by Jon Sellers EFIAP DPAGB BPE5QIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) - Squirrel in a Jump by Henrik R. Kristensen AFIAPFIAP HM Red Eyed Green Tree Frog Climbing by Robert Millin EFIAPs EPSAUPI HM - Grey Heron Fishing by Lajos Nagy EFIAPp MPSA MAAFRUPI HM - Starlings 2 by Charles Akerstrom LRPS BPE2APS Merit - Airy Dance by Radimir Siklienka EFIAPPSQ HM Baby and Mom by Elva KP JungAPS Merit - Crested Tit Calling by Chris MortonPSQ HM - Bee Eaters with Grashoppers by Lajos Nagy EFIAPp MPSA MAAFRPSQ HM - Cheetah by Klaus-Peter Selzer EFIAP EMDVFsPSQ HM - Cheetahs Looking for Prey by Ian Whiston DPAGB AFIAP BPE4PSQ HM - Gecko by Neville Thomas EFIAPb CPAGB AWPFPSQ HM - Good Catch 6 by Koon Nam Cheung PPSA EFIAP ARPSPSQ HM - New Kingfisher Couple by Stephan SalberterPSQ HM - Pied Snack by Andre SerfonteinQIDC HM - Attack Together by Lanfeng ChenQIDC HM - Brentis Daphne by Rene Van Echelpoel PPSAQIDC HM - QIDC HM Couple Taurica 3 by Marc Anagnostidis APSA GMPSAb EFIAPQIDC HM - Grubby Lunch by Mary VineyQIDC HM - Mantis Portrait by Marc Anagnostidis APSA GMPSAb EFIAPQIDC HM - This is My Catch by Andre Serfontein