3rd QIDC 2016 Maryborough – Nature Awards

PSA Gold (BOS) Sending a Clear Message by Linda Oliver EFIAPb GMAPS EPSAFIAP Gold After the Rain by Abdulla Al-MushaifriPSA Nature Division Silver Medal for best Wildlife (W) Cheetah Moves Kill by Bob Devine MPSA EFIAPsUPI Bronze The Strong Survive by Fusheng CuiAPS Bronze Plaque Creobroter Gemmatus by Alfred Preuss EFIAPbQIDC Salon Silver Babies Coming Soon by Hoi Yan Fong EFIAP EPSAQIDC Bronze (Judges Choice) Chameleon by Hsiu-Chin LeeFIAP HM Humpback and Calf by Anne Russell AFIAP LRPSGPU HM Black Cockatoo 01 by Ian Herford AFIAP AAPSAPS Merit Accouplement De Mantes by Marc Anagnostidis APSA GMPSAb EFIAPAPS Merit Green the Demselfly by MISHAL ALRYHAN AFIAP G.P.UCR2PSQ HM Chameleon by Pamela Rixon LAPS AAPSPSQ HM Wanderer No 1 2012 by John W. Newton MAPS EFIAPQIDC HM Curious Creatures by Barbara Jenkin EFIAPb GMPSA ARPSQIDC HM Huddle 60 by Gunther Riehle APSA GMPSAbQIDC HM Mycena Parsonsiae 4 by Elizabeth Passuello FPSNZ FNPSNZ AAPS EFIAPQIDC HM Otter Love by Dennis Wetherley LAPSQIDC HM Soldier Crab by Eligia Sword